In thought and in self

The next Sûtra is Tatra shabdarrtha jnanavikalpaihi Sankeerna savitarka samapattihi.


In this type of Samadhi, there is a little debate, a few thoughts flit about here and there, but those thoughts do not disturb the harmony. There are certain thoughts that do not throw you off balance. There are certain thoughts that help you come to a steady or calm state of awareness. In Savitarka Samadhi, there are also some thoughts or discussions.


The next Sûtra is Smrutiparishuddhau swaroopashoonyevarthamatranirbhasa nirvitarka.


In this state of mind, no debate exists, the memory is purified (ceases to exist) and there is a pure void in which there is a feeling of nothingness.


In this type of Samadhi, you are not aware of anything. You just know that you are and that is it. This is meditation with the eyes closed. When your eyes are closed, you simply know that you are, but you do not know where you are, what you are, who you are. There is just an “aabhas” or a feeling that you are nothing more than your existence. This is known as Nirvitarka Samadhi.


Finer and finer aspects of this are other types of Samadhi.


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