The Solution-Media Overkill

Back to blogging! Was forced into this break due to shift from Chennai back to Bangalore. In continuation with my earlier theme related to Media, I now discovered a solution to this problem. (It was my ignorance which resulted in late discovery) But then it is better late than never. Now that I have a solution on hand (albeit it takes time and effort to see the results on ground) nevertheless things aren’t that alarming in view of this discovery.

Sri Sri Centre for Media Studies an Institution founded by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar of Art of Living, announces admission for the post- graduate diploma in Journalismfor the year 2007-2008.The PGD journalism programme focuses on skills needed for immediate employment in the print, broadcast, or new media field, as per the student’s aptitude. Today the media industry is growing leaps and bounds. The estimated growth in T.V journalism is 26% annually and AIR, FM is growing by 28%.

The center’s aim is to impart student-centric knowledge about the media to aspiring minds. Here the emphasis is placed not only on practical, hands-on training where students work under severe deadline pressures and on-the-job conditions but also on how to cope up with demanding work pressures.

The Media Centre has trained many media professionals in print/broadcast/new media journalism since its inception. Our graduates work in prestigious newsrooms such as UNI (

MumbaiDelhiChennai), The Times of India, The Deccan Herald, The Hindu, The New Indian Express, The Vijaya Times, Vijaya Karnataka, The Mathrubhoomi, NDTV, Doordarshan, Aaj TV, ETV, World Space, CNN-IBNand a score of private-sector firms and government offices as information officialsThe courses are taught by SSCMS faculty that includes prominent working and retired journalists, and expert visitors/academics. Lecture classes and workshops on journalistic tools and techniques, are followed by daily practice of the craft. Classrooms become newsrooms every afternoon as the students plan, prepare and put together news weekly, the Dateline

Bangalore.Each week, the students will turn the print version of the weekly into an online journal, They’ve to produce a daily ‘mock’ newscast for radio and television, and a weekly news documentary, as is done in busy radio/television newsroomsThe SSCMS is a student-centered, value-based learning institution where teachers are only guides. The programme is designed to instill in students a blend of skills and thinking habits that are more easily acquired in an institution of learning than in a newsroom. The students here also benefit form the tools taught to turn stressful career into a successful one.

If this field excites you please call 080-2245 7572/73 or email or or for more details about the admission procedure. Also, you can forward this information to your friends and others.

Here I also make a sincere plea to reach this information to colleges and institutions around you. It is in our hands to ensure a better and fair society in future. Let’s break out of the cocoon (symbolic representation in the picture of this blog) and make sure things dont get worse than it is now.