All seeing, all knowing

The next Sûtra is Tatra niratishayam sarvagnabëjam meaning “In Him exists the seed of all knowingness in a special manner.”


The seed of knowing is present in God. But then people begin to ask questions — “Well, if Lord Krishna knew everything, why did he try to stop the war three times? He knew the war was going to happen anyway. He never told Arjuna that he was going to win the war. No. All He says is ‘If you win the war, you will rule this world. If you lose the war, you will go to heaven’.’


He does not give the right answer, the right knowledge. He does not tell Arjuna what the result is going to be. The question is why.


This seed of ‘all knowing’ is present everywhere. For instance, when you have a dictionary at home, any moment, any word you want, you can just turn the page and pick it out. You do not need to know by heart every word present in the dictionary. Similarly, if you open yourself up to this highest form of your consciousness, this moment, all knowledge is present.


What does ‘all knowledge’ mean? This moment you know or feel all the beings in the world and what they are doing. How many millions of people are there in this planet? At this one moment, there are many people in the world who are snoring, similarly there are others who are fighting and many who are just eating. And this is just the people. Now take into account all living beings. So many eggs hatching, so many being chickens being killed. So many buffaloes wandering around; so many cows grazing; so many monkeys jumping from tree to tree; so many ants, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, amoebae… millions and millions of viruses and bacteria.


There is an enormous amount of activity this very moment. Among this enormous activity you pick up the one — what is so and so doing right now. This is a very difficult job, sometimes not worth the time, but it is possible. Sometimes people ask me how I know the most secret thing in their life, the thing they never told anyone about. I tell them I do not know, but I know it. On the other hand, sometimes I don’t even know where I have placed my pen or comb.


This is most confusing to people who wonder how I search for my comb, yet know their deepest darkest secrets. That is the seed of ‘all knowingness’ present in the consciousness. Yes, it is indeed amazing.


The next Sûtra is Sa esha purveshamapi guruhu kalenanavachchedat’ meaning “He is the master of those who lived before too as he is not limited by time.”


This consciousness is the Guru /guide even to those who were there before. There is no break in time as far as it is concerned. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna tells Arjuna, that the knowledge he is giving him, he has taught to Ikshvâku and Manu before. When Arjuna asks how that is possible, Krishna says, “You do not know me. See, I have come so many times and you have come so many times. You have forgotten and I know it all. I have taught then, I am teaching now also. I will continue to teach in the future also.”