Of Love and Misery

The next sutra is Avidyakshetramuttaresham prasupta tanu vichchinnodaranam  which roughly translated means that ignorance is the field of the dormant, feeble, separated or fully active.


Prasupta means sleeping or dormant. Thanu means feeble, while Vichchinna means when one of them dominates. When a craving is present, aversion is also present, as is fear, but in the background.


Among these five things, when ignorance is present, you are not even aware of these two things in you. You are so totally caught up in the situation.


A person who has gone mad will never believe that he is crazy. Do you see what I am saying? There are times when you get angry but do not express your anger. You know that you are angry but there is nothing you can do about it.


It’s not the same when you become full of lust. At that point, you are aware of your lust. The angry person may not know it, but the one full of lust knows.


Sadhana or practice makes these kleshas (difficulties) or the five sources of misery seem less. Before you got on the spiritual path, you would get angry. Even now you get angry but there is a difference. You will find that the anger is much less.


There should be a little fear in the body to maintain it. It should be just as much as the salt in food.


The next sutra is Anityashuchi dukhanatmasu nitya shuchi sukhatmakhyaathiravidya.


What is ignorance? It is when the impermanent is thought to be permanent. For example, a person’s opinion is not permanent, it keeps changing. But thinking it is permanent is ignorance. An event can never be permanent. What is impure can later be considered pure or vice versa.


Another example is that of junk food. It is not food at all. It drains the energy of the body, which is why it is called junk food. Considering junk food good food is ignorance. Similarly, we don’t really know what pain is and what pleasure is. Pain is considered pleasure in some cases and pleasure considered pain.


To sadists and masochists pain is pleasure. People become alcoholics and drug addicts because they think of alcohol and drugs as pleasures. Actually it is such a painful thing. Ignorance is not knowing that the body is made up of five elements and it will go back to the five elements. The self is eternal and non-changing.


The next sutra is Drigdarshana shaktyorekatmatevasmitha, which means asmita or ego is thinking that the self or the intellect and the instruments of perception are the same. Have you noticed that in a meeting some people make a point and keep sticking to it and argue about it senselessly. They do not have the ability to see the self and the buddhi or the intellect and the instruments of perception as separate. This is asmita.


The next sutra is Sukhanushayee ragaha, which means that the attraction to a pleasant experience results in craving.


This craving makes you miserable. Patanjali says that there are only five sources of misery. Ignorance is thinking that which is changing as non-changing. We try to control others mind. How is it possible? Someone may have had love for you yesterday, but not today, or tomorrow?


We expect enlightened behaviour from everybody around us. And when we do not see it, we become unhappy. When you do not behave in an enlightened way, how can you expect everyone else too.


You expect unconditional love from everyone around you. Well, they expect the same too.


The next sutra is Dukhanushayee dweshaha, hatred or aversion comes with an unpleasant experience. Aversion also brings the same misery as happiness. Craving and aversion are both sources of misery.