Shaping your Mind

Be wary of what you let into your mind for it will determine who you are. The series on Patanjali’s yogasûtras continues

The next Sûtra is Vitaragavishayam va chittam meaning “the mind which is free from craving for objects blossoms fully”. Water always assumes the shape of the cup it is poured into. In the same way, whatever thought you engage your mind with, your mind becomes like that. It develops the qualities of everything you put into it.Keep your mind engaged in the thoughts of the enlightened. Vitaraga means one who has gone beyond cravings or one who is liberated from cravings. If you think of such a person, then your mind also gets those qualities. It begins to feel the peace and quietness. You start assuming all those qualities and start developing those qualities in you.

Our mind is like air which does not have a location. It is not fixed. Vitaraga is all permeating. So that air, that cool breeze, that energy enters in the mind is also like ether which is all permeating. That is why people say ‘Guru’ means the enlightened one. Do not see them as human beings, as people with likes and dislikes. Otherwise your mind goes towards what they like and dislike. Likes, dislikes, cravings and aversion and anger, all these will come up. Instead you see the consciousness, as pure joy, as peace radiating. Even if any thoughts come, likes and dislikes come, again do not struggle. Just let go and relax. You begin to draw that energy and you assume that form.

You should try this on yourself as an experiment. Think of somebody who is very nasty and you start feeling all those nasty emotions inside. Have you experienced this? Think of somebody who is very jealous of you and then you will feel such uncomfortable sensations. Think of somebody who is into drugs and alcohol and who is very miserable and you will feel all those knots coming up in your body. Have you experienced this? Think of somebody who loves you very much and see how nice feelings come up in you, right? By putting your attention on the enlightened, your consciousness also becomes more and more alive and filled with more light.

So Jesus says, “If you have to go to my father, you have to go through me. There is no other way.” It means that you have to go through a master because the Master is a solid example and that is why Master is the doorway. You have to pass through your mind and what can help you go through the mind is the doorway. That is how mind blossoms.