Media – a Sadistic Stimulant

Sample this!!!

  • Bob Woolmer Murdered 
  • Manjunath Murder Case sentence 
  • Pramod Mahajan Murder case testimony 
  • Nithari Serial Murders story 
  • Mogadishu Plane crash 
  • Kavitha Rani accused surrender and chargesheet 
  • Somalia Bombing 
  • LPG Cylinder burst kill 4 
  • Meenakshi Murder case sentence 

-……….these seem to be the only news worthy or airtime – all the other news was a one liner spoken in such casual manner that it was no news at all.

These were the stuff that was on every TV Channel (in the Scroller, under Flash News, under headlines, every bit of TV screen were filled with these lines – it began at about 0500 hrs 23rd March and till the time I write this, nothing has changed). The repitition made the whole thing such a farce, viewers were rendered insensitive. Media was trying to titillate or else why would they keep flashing the same stuff the whole day and the next. In the rat race to achieve highest TRP (TRP = Revenue), it appeared that nothing esle mattered. In the name of proble, trying to rub salt into grieving people’s wounds – Manjunath’s mother pulled out of the confines of her home, Gill Woolmer cross questioned to such an extent media put words into her mouth, Snapshots/animated sequence of Rekha Mahajan’s testimony) if this is what technology was supposed to contribute to the betterment of the world, how I wish we lived in the stone age. It confirms one reality, Negativity sells and only negativity sells. That’s why media goes overboard on negative issues more than the others.

The other worrying trend – at the cost of sounding the devil’s advocate – these overexposure indeed is not a healthy trend.

One, it has such a negative impact on viewers, especially the children (don’t forward the stupid argument, the remote control is in your hands switch it off if you don’t like it – I have invested in a TV to stay connected and informed right – not to relegate it to a corner of my home) My children need a healthy diversion too.

Secondly and most importantly, while the guilty deserved what they got in Manjunath, Priyadarshini Mattoo, Nithari or any case which becomes high profile, the worry is the Judicial authorities are as human as any others in the society and aren’t they influenced due to the Trial by Media. It is a big question mark that the guilt are sentenced much before they go through the actual judicial process. When the whole country is bombarded with views of the media, due proces of law no longer is a criteria. Public emotions and responses ensure that those accused are indeed guilty (it is not my case that any of these fellows are innocent – it is just that were they really provided with any chance?)

Thirdly, every channel runs the same stuff and each of them are EXCLUSIVE!!! Can it get more Ridiculous. Coming back to the original purpose of this piece, who will check the media. The extreme reactions by the general public are in fact fuelled by the media, so they remain best channel in Recall, the extreme reactions make another story anyway – so they have their next story on a platter and this cycle continues)

There was this channel where a written statement issued was being scrolled but when read by the newsreader, it was changed to such an extent the whole thing sounded so different. What else can this be called than Increase Viewership by Titillating.

Pray, for a change that these buggers also report something positive. For every bad thing that happens in the world, there are 1000 good stuff that happens. Report that too. Let there be proportional share of time. Media is not just a business or privilege that goes being in the media – it is a HUGE RESPONSIBILITY – going by what is happening, responsibility can go to hell!!! seems to be the attitude

Who will control the media? They seem to have gone berserk – anyone who dares to control or comment on them are rebuffed & villified on their channels that they seem to have their say without any responsibility whatsoever.

Wait let me check my loo and bath if there are any spycams? CNN-IBN, TIMES NOW, NDTV I hear are in town and last I heard there were no murders or rape in town. These days, we need to sanitize the private areas not from the germs/bacterias but from the the deadly hiddens spycams!!! Unless you want your pictures performing the rituals being watched across the country.