Critic or Profiteering – For Anti WCF Brigade – Part 1

Sometimes, delays are good for our peace and mental health. Considering that I am quite an active and avid SM’er, who source all information only from Social Media and never from the Paid Main stream Media, I never saw nor heard about these pieces, not worth a tinkers’ damn earlier. Those who tried to do a hit job and sow seeds of doubts in general public failed miserably against the positive mood prevalent in the universe with regards to the  Show-piece event of mankind, an event that would promote world peace, an event that would make the world look up in awe at the country – World Culture Festival. That is the best part – Did they increase the visibility? No! So insofar as the event goes – these irritants are like Haathi Chale bazaar… Kutte boke hazaar.

Decided to check out on the background of those who were behind these pieces (Once again! Mercifully I could count the number of them on fingers on one hand with 3 fingers to spare). One common thread that emerged – they were Commies with extreme left leaning tendency – which in other words simply means “Obstructionists”. Obviously a cursory digging of their chequered past revealed even more colorful details – their backers, instigators and funders. For now not naming anyone, but would not hesitate if the need arises 🙂

What was their grouse! This 3 days of Celebrating Humanity and Culture, affecting Yamuna and lifeline of Delhi – as if there weren’t even worse stuff afflicting them. And what was these protagonists contribution to saving the Yamuna? ZILCH! Apart from sitting in front of their monitors and manufacturing data, cite some fancy sources (Institution names and People) that cannot be verified. Oh yes! They did sit on dharna and obstructed when some development activities were carried out on the banks – once the visibility came, funds followed and their dharna fizzled. Remember! for these 2-penny activists a few minutes of arclight, especially the English Language Media (partners in crime) is equal to a few thousand dollars of funding from the enemies of the nation. More about this in another post, but coming back – After a few days of push back, the project went ahead and these very people drive on that everyday.

Now, what did Art of Living volunteers do? For Yamuna, for Delhi, for Environment, for the World in general! Since it takes my lifetime and Terrabytes of Data and Infinite bandwidth to list them all, will stick to some recent projects. And yes, I will be citing only those covered grudgingly (as always) by the Main Stream Media. No one can blame me of quoting from my own sources (however dubious Media is, it is on their side and hence credible for them)




Art of Living has thus contributed immensely towards rejuvenating (not just cleaning) Yamuna and cleaning Delhi under the “MERI DILLI MERI YAMUNA” initiative. Of course, this is a project driven by those really wanting to change and contribute something positive to the society.

MERI DILLI MERI YAMUNA is a citizen’s action initiative by the Art of Living. The effort was
launched under the guidance of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in March 2010. The objective
of the campaign is to raise awareness amongst the common citizen to empower them to bring
about a positive change in their mindset about their city Delhi and their river Yamuna and be

Under Meri Dilli Meri Yamuna different campaigns have been initiated targeting various groups of society so that each becomes responsible agents of change.

  • 20,000 citizens cleaned the ghats of Yamuna; March 2010
  • 10,000 citizens participated in a Health Walk to raise awareness about the poor condition of the Yamuna and its impact on health; April 2010
  • 6 lakh school children participated in a Sri Kriti Art Competition “Mere Sapno ki Saaf Dilli’
  • Adoption of ghats for preservation and development as part of the river front development
  • Piloting hygiene, health and overall development in 3 slums of Delhi.
  • CLEAN DELHI DRIVE;6th – 11th September, 2010

All these action drives were supplemented by efforts to understand the reasons why the river was in such a poor state? The campaign had a responsibility to mobilize the efforts of the citizens such that a significant and sustainable change is made possible. To facilitate this concerted efforts were made to constitute a THINK TANK comprising of experts, activists and government agencies involved with Yamuna and also to write a paper that would help the common person to understand the problems plaguing Yamuna and what role they can play in reviving the river.


While Pujya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji not only exhorted volunteers but also personally took the lead in the MDMY campaign. He said “We all have to take responsibility for the Yamuna. We should not call it impossible, we have to make the impossible possible.”

Gurudev Sri Sri not only highlighted the problems (which these activists are doing very successfully) but He also took responsibility to solve the problem. He commissioned a detailed Expert study on the situation and most importantly to design a solution for the same. A cursory Google search would provide you with the links of the 40 page report on the study. Suffice to say – ITO Ghats development, Trilokpuri & Okhla Dhobi Ghat Slum were also developed as a comprehensive long term solution to the problem.


Other environment saving/protection/rejuvenation projects – One project in this Part 1)

Holy Pampa cleaning Project to address the degradation of the river with a citizen participation model similar to the Swach Bharat Abhiyan. Since April 2014 we have mobilized teams from 14 districts in Kerala to participate in regular cleaning up of the river and surrounding areas. Over 8000 volunteers from 14 districts have participated and 600 tonnes of garbage has been removed from the river. We followed a comprehensive strategy of spreading awareness among the pilgrims and initiating dialogue with various stakeholders. During the ongoing phase of the project, which coincides the peak pilgrim season from November to January, our teams have been working round the clock that has resulted in a visibly cleaner river bed ever since.



In the first stage of the project AOL volunteers took up a large-scale cleaning drive at Pampa Manappuram. Teams of volunteers from 14 districts in Kerala were mobilized to clean the river in the beginning of every Malayalam month when the temple opens for devotees. From April to November, 2014 over 1500 participants from 14 districts of Kerala (Trivandrum, Kollam, Appalled, Pathanamthitta, Iduki, Ernakulum, Kottayam, Palakkad, Malappuram, Kozhikode, Kannur, Waynad, Kasargode) have been regularly participating in the clean up drive.


“Art of Living Intervention in Pampa river in Sabarimala has reduced pollution of the river
by 80 % ” – Shri K Babu, Special Commissioner of Devaswom Board, appointed by the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala



CONCLUSION (Experiential)

I was a volunteer working during the world renowned Silver Jubilee celebrations of Art of Living in 2006. 25 Lakhs devotees converged into a Bengaluru – known for the Traffic notoriety. Not a single instance of traffic jam was heard and most importantly, after the 3 days event, Jakkur Aerodrome was left cleaner than before.

I am sure Mayur Vihar and the Yamuna Floodbank would be a better place after the World Culture Festival.  Art of Living takes over inhabitable and god forsaken places and transforms it into Heaven. Need proof? Visit any sites where AOL events have taken place.  That has been the culture of Art of Living.

As I was finishing this post, someone in office, just walked in seeking help – Her immediate supervisor was being too vicious and unreasonable in his remarks related to her work. Now, this particular person is known to be a performer and has been delivering results – year after year. I had only this to tell her

Remember, people who criticise everything or make scathing remarks to be hurtful are the ones that need help – not you!

That is my sign-off message to these two penny, commie and west backed Activists. Delhi would be richer for hosting this unimaginable show, Yamuna, just as people of Delhi will breathe easy.

See you in Delhi for the WORLD CULTURE FESTIVAL – Adios Amigos for now.


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  1. Nandu February 17, 2016 / 1:55 pm

    wonderful article Suresh garu.

  2. jignajgd February 19, 2016 / 1:41 am

    Jai gurudev….guruji’s vision greater than u think… faith….see u at Delhi at WCF..get well soon

  3. Rajima Ratan February 29, 2016 / 5:14 am

    We just bless nd carry on. we will all meet on 11th March. they will also come since curiosity will kill them otherwise 🙂

  4. Meenakshi March 9, 2016 / 5:19 am

    Guruji n AOL have always worked for the betterment of souls, environment, world … Its ridiculous to be blamed otherwise …

    Such a massive responsibility , only Gutuji can take, where the world is joinin hands for peace .. Some petty minds are in pieces …

    Let’s not bother about petty minds … We have better things to do …let them research AOL n find the good work done by Guruji n his team … Jgd 🙂

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