Are you mere husk or the grain?

If you don’t have faith, you’re nothing


During the time of reaping the harvest, the farmer holds a broad sieve and puts all the grains into it and stands on an elevated platform and shakes the sieve. What happens when that is done? If it is mere husk, it just flies away in the air and is lost. If grain is present, then it falls to the ground and stays.


So too in our life, we must have faith. Faith is something which we have inside us. When many situations surface in life, are you able to face all of them with peace, with a stable mind and faith? If you do not have faith, if you go into fear, then you will fly away into the air, like the husk. You will be nowhere. You will not have anything to hold onto. Such people will have no value at all.


But if you have faith, you will be able to find a ground. When you have faith that every thing be alright, when you are in peace, then everything will settle down.


God expects only one thing from you, “your unshakeable faith”. If your faith shakes very quickly, if it keeps shaking too often, or if you realise that you do not have any faith at all when difficulty strikes, then it is akin to being like the husk. Look into your life; are you mere husk or the grain?


How many events take place in life! Many situations arise. Are you able to maintain your equanimity in those conditions? Your work is to maintain your equanimity in this world. Not everything in the world is sweet. Some things are sweet and some are bitter. If you are grounded with faith like the husk with grain, then you will progress. The grounded grains are gathered in a sack and replanted elsewhere or used in some manner. Isn’t it?


Take this decision: “Whatever happens I will be there. I will be grounded. God’s protection is there on me. Whatever happens, I will never go down. I always have God’s hand with me”. This much is enough to pull you up. Keep your mind in peace in all situations. It is enough if that much is done by you and the rest will be taken care of. You have to take at least one step forward, which is to be in peace and equanimity.


“Oh! Nothing happened. Nothing of my work happened” – If you are able to laugh in such a situation, then understand that you have protection with you. The world is filled with love. Everybody has love inside them. You have to see that in your mind.


Have you ever seen with this view? Whenever you are in a crowd, have you ever watched the crowd and thought in your mind that “all is love”?


The whole world is a celebration. Fairs happen here constantly. Everyday celebration happens here. Parrot, cuckoo and other birds sing. The procession is moving constantly. We are the idols who are moving in the procession.


You should be happy in life. All other businesses involve ups and downs which is very natural. If there is a body, then it will get cold, cough, fever or something else and it will go away. But take care to see that happiness is always established in you. That is known as purashaartha. Our love, faith and belief should be deep-rooted, and then everything else moves on its own.